Have A Ball! Lets Play Ball!

Instruction Sheet

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By: Awesome Events

Supplies Included

1          Instruction Sheet

1          Insertion Tool

1          12" Glamour Base

1          24” Acrylic Column

2          21” Ribbons

1          Riser Topper

30        9 x 9 Foil Squares – first color choice

30        9 x 9 Foil Squares – second color choice

1          8" Baseball

1          Baseball Sports Figure

7          Mini Baseballs

7          Cup-n-Sticks

1          3’ Star Garland


Supplies Needed on Hand

Low Temp Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


Assembly Instructions


  1. Insert the column half the depth of the Styrofoamä thickness into the Glamour Base using a gentle twisting motion. Remove the column and fill the indentation with glue. Replace the column. Hold the column straight until the glue is firm.
  2. Lay 21” ribbons back-to-back and insert into clear acrylic column.
  3. Insert the Riser Topper into the top of the column.
  4. Insert the 8" sports ball on one side of the column in the Glamour Base. Glue around insertion point.
  5. Insert the player into the top Styrofoamä Glue around insertion point.
  6. Lay one foil square on top of second foil square of a different color, turning the corners different directions. Place point of insertion tool in middle of foils, pulling foil up around tool. Apply glue to the tip of foils and insert into the side of the Styrofoamä Disc on top.  Gently remove insertion tool and continue inserting poufs around the disc. Alternate and layer colors according to personal preference, inserting a total of 6 poufs in the edge.  Insert 4 poufs into the top of the Styrofoamä
  1. Insert the remaining 20 poufs into the Glamour Base angling the foil poufs towards the center of the Glamour Base. Start in the center of the Glamour Base, working your way out towards the outer edge alternating colors.  Spread foils out to cover area.
  2. Apply hot glue around the top edge of the Cup-n-Stick.
    Attach mini baseball to the glue. Repeat step for remaining balls.
  3. Insert 3 mini baseballs in the top Styrofoamä Disc. Glue around insertion point.
  4. Insert remaining 4 mini baseballs on all sides of the Glamour Base. Glue in place.
  5. Insert one end of the garland in the Glamour Base. Wrap the garland around the arrangement, inserting other end into the top Styrofoamä Disc.