Candle Lighting Name
Candle Lighting Name
Candle Lighting Name
Candle Lighting Name
Candle Lighting Name
Candle Lighting Name
Candle Lighting Name
Candle Lighting Name
Candle Lighting Name
Candle Lighting Name

Candle Lighting Name

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Glittered Letters cut out of 1 1/2" thick EPS foam. The first letter is 6" tall and the remaining letters are made in proportion. Size adjustments are made if the first letter drops below the line.  Below is a description of the 4 standard font styles we offer.

Bold Arial - all upper case - This font is easy to read and great choice for all names

Bookman - all upper case - This font adds a little flair but remains easy to read

Bookman - 1st letter upper case - When using this font keep in mind that letters that drop below the line will require sticks or adjustments to your board

Brush Script Joined - Script names add a decorative and personal look. Sometimes the first letter will be separate to allow for the font design.

Names with lower case letters f, g, j, p, q, y drops below the line.  

Suggestions for painting and applying glitter to unfinished products: Select a water based paint—tempera or acrylic.  Mix paint and Elmer’s glue 50/50.  Apply the paint glue mixture with a brush.  While still wet—pour glitter all over.  Let dry. After the paint is dry - use a brush to brush off excess glitter.  There are products you can purchase for sealing the finished product. 

 Warning:  Do not use petroleum based paints or adhesives on EPS Foam Products.  Use only water based non-petroleum products.  Spray paint can eat the foam. It is recommended that you test the product you plan to use on a scrap piece of EPS foam.

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